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027: Oskar Ojeda, Marine veteran, visual effects artist

027: Oskar Ojeda, Marine veteran, visual effects artist

October 22, 2015 by | 5 Comments

Oskar Ojeda has made movies that you have watched. Movies that you might even love. He started doing all that, and was successful at it, but he yearned for something more…. So he joined the Marine Corps.


He is still a drilling reservist in the SOCAL area. A jarhead who makes cinematic adventures for a living.

His work includes movies such as “Thor”, “The Green Hornet” &, “Avatar” creating, out-of-this-world, visual effects. On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Juslin sit down with Oskar to talk about life in the Corps, the meaning behind service and, what it’s like working for all those pretentious Hollywood types.

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