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033: Marine Corps Birthday, Veterans Day…..crazy Marine Antics

033: Marine Corps Birthday, Veterans Day…..crazy Marine Antics

November 12, 2015 by | 2 Comments

It has been 240 years since a Corps of Marines was raised by the continental congress in Philadelphia November 10th 1775…we’ve been rockin’ out ever since!



On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, the team sits down to reflect on past birthday experiences and to share laughs about the stupidity that can occur when Marines get together.

Marines are a different breed entirely and we all choose to celebrate the birthday of our Corps in different places but always the same way, thru ceremony and tradition. This year, Bennett Tanton accepted the honor of being speaker at the Museum of the Marine Corps Birthday celebration.  Tim was also in attendance, rockin’ the evening dress and proper regs….It was a solid night overall.


Things get a bit crazy when the team starts to recount drunkin’ strip club antics and Onslow beach shark attacks but it’s all inherently Marine.

Grab a cold one, fire up a stogie, sit back – relax and enjoy….It’s always a great time for Cigars and Sea Stories!

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