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041: Mike & Juslin, Marines On A Mission To Empower Others

041: Mike & Juslin, Marines On A Mission To Empower Others

December 10, 2015 by | Be the first to comment »

Mike and Juslin sit down to discuss Cigars and Sea Stories and their mission to empower others through entrepreneurship, but things take a turn…

It’s impossible to ignore the statistics, only 6% of veterans are actually going into business for themselves. Numbers have also shown that 25% are, at least, interested in entrepreneurship to whatever extent.

Are you a veteran who is still afraid to open your own business?   That’s cool, but don’t be. We have the skills needed to create a whole new future on our own. You’re a veteran who knows how to get stuff done… so do it.

The military helped us hone these actionable skills. Trigger pullers have actually shown the highest potential as business owners; makes sense right? The grunt operates at a high tempo in a, fail-learn-rebuild, mentality. Every planning and execution process was created and ingrained through training to ensure success without higher authority.


We hope you enjoy this empowering call to action for all veterans to add VALUE to the world. Hit subscribe, give us your comments. Thank you so much for listening, you mean the world to us.



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