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042: Sam Meek, CEO & Founder of Sandboxx

042: Sam Meek, CEO & Founder of Sandboxx

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Sam Meek, CEO & founder of Sandboxx, join Mike and Juslin on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories.

042: Sam Meek, CEO & Founder of Sandboxx 

Sam is a fellow Marine, enlisting in the Corps straight out of school in 2002. He stepped onto the same yellow footprints as his grandfather and great grandfather had done, ready to serve a nation in need. Over his enlistment, Sam served on two tours to Iraq and rose to the rank of Sergeant before being honorably discharged…. It was time for a new adventure.

After leaving the Corps, Sam gained the skills needed to handle wall street. He started his civilian life at WR Platform Advisors, working as Vice President of Business Development. While employed there, he had access to mentors and resources that allowed him to grow through experience. The marketing strategies, operational planning and, tech savviness needed in NYC all came into play when opening Sandboxx. The tech strong market of modern day communication is not easy to make entry into. Sam shares the inside lessons learned while working his way through the pitfalls of running a scalable tech company.

042: Sam Meek, CEO & Founder of Sandboxx

Sandboxx offers a connection/ communication platform that allows service members and their families to stay in touch. Veterans use sandbox to link up with brothers in arms from across the years. Those who would be, otherwise, isolated in bootcamp or on distant patrol bases have access to hard-copy mail as well.  The message is created digitally then printed and sent. The recipient fills out the reply and returns the letter in the attached pre-postage envelope. Ain’t technology grande?!?!?!

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