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072: Zach Melgares, Marine Combat Veteran

072: Zach Melgares, Marine Combat Veteran

March 29, 2016 by | 4 Comments

Marine combat veteran, Zach Melgares joins Juslin and Mike for some smokin’ and jokin’, on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. The gents are talking wartime combat operations in Al Qaim/ Hit Iraq and, Sangin Afghanistan. Zach fought in both theaters.

Melgares Marine Corps infantryman

dual wield SAW, squad automatic weapon, Zach Melgares

Zach joined in January 2005, and was assigned to 1/7 June 2005 deployed Al Qaim, Iraq 2006, and Hitt, Iraq 2007/2008. He held the billet of gunner, point man, mortar gunner, Vehicle Commander, and FO. August 2008 Zach transferred to Weapons Field Training Battalion Parris Island, where he was a combat marksmanship instructor. After 2 years he couldn’t take being in one place any longer, so he volunteered for another tour and transferred to Camp Pendleton where he was assigned to 1/5. March 2011 he deployed to Sangin, Afghanistan as a Mortar squad leader. Later he embarked on another tour, this time with the 31st MEU 2012 as FDC chief.

Zach Melgares combat marksmanship instructor

November 2014 Zach left the Marine Corps. Since then he’s been trying to find a place in the civilian world, “I’ve found that as long as I have a goal, or a “hill” to conquer I remain happy and driven.”

episode 072 cigars and sea stories

He ran the Marine corps Marathon last October 2015, a long time goal. Now, he is currently a Freshman at McLennan Community College with hopes to transfer to Baylor University while pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business and looking to be a Texas Game Warden.



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