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075: Team Talking about Smokin’ and Jokin’

075: Team Talking about Smokin’ and Jokin’

April 7, 2016 by | 2 Comments

On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, the team discusses smokin’ & jokin’…the entire premise for the show. It’s all about hanging out with veterans swapping stories. The experiences lived through during military service are very unique. Only veterans understand what it is like to be down range. That comradery is rarely felt in civilian life. It is a strange bond.

general Hannibal

The team of Cigars and Sea Stories comes from different generations of the Corps. They’ve served across many eras of change and yet, they each speak the Marine language. Other branches are similar, however the Marine Corps is distinct in this way.

Bold, brash, cocky, intense and, some have called them worse. Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, Marines will always remain faithful to the Corps and that is something worth respecting. Semper Fidelis

Kajaki market MK19 Marines


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