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079: Micah Carlton, Marine Combat Veteran

079: Micah Carlton, Marine Combat Veteran

April 21, 2016 by | 3 Comments

Micah Carlton joins Michael and Sebastian for some smokin’ and jokin’ on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories.  Micah is a Marine combat veteran who served with 1/5 in Sangin.

Micah Carlton crouching

He started his career as a mortarman. Prior to his fleet service, Micah was in Marine security forces recapture tactics team. He attended designated marksman course and various special tactics schools. The high speed training that security forces provided was centered on direct action and close quarter battle, coming to the fleet was a shock. He checked into 1/5 81s platoon who were preparing for a kinetic battlefield and a high operations tempo. The deployment was a tough one, Sangin is one helluva battleground.

In 2012, Micah left the Corps and headed home to Oklahoma. He entered college close to his hometown at University of Central Oklahoma. Soon after, he relocated to Tampa, Florida where he is working on finishing his bachelor’s degree.

Micah Carlton

Micah joins the team in discussing the difficulties faced when transitioning from the Corps to civilian life and the disconnect felt when reentering “the world.”


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