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082: Carl Franklin, Marine Combat Veteran

082: Carl Franklin, Marine Combat Veteran

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories Carl Franklin joins Mike and Sebastian are smokin’€™ and jokin’. Franklin is a longtime Marine brother. The three of them served together in Ramadi Iraq on two tours. Mike and ‘Franky’€ were in CAAT RED for 2005-2006 and Juslin, Mike and, Carl were all vehicle commanders in CAAT WHITE during the 2007 deployment, ahhh the memories.

Franklin 1

A bit about Carl Franklin…

During my 14 years 8 months €™time in service, I served with Marine Corps Security Forces Bangor WA, 3rd Bn 4th Mar, 3rd Bn 7th Mar (No Shit), HQ Co MCRD San Diego,and1st LAR.


Franklin 2

Years of service

1998-1999 Boot Camp MCRD San Diego/ SOI Camp Pendleton/ MCSF School Chesapeake VA

1999-2001 MCSFCO Bangor Washington

2001-2002 3rd Bn 4th Mar 29Palms CA (1 UDP to Okinawa)

2002-2004 IRR Rec-aide recruiter Medford, OR

2004-2008 3rd Bn 7th Mar 29Palms CA (Two Deployments to Ar Ramadi Iraq)

2008-2010 H&S Co MCRDSanDiego CA

2010-2012 1st LAR Bn Camp Pendleton (1 Deployment to Helmand Province Afghanistan)

Franklin 3


The Marines and Sailors that I had the privilege of serving with, the memories of my time inservice, the pride of serving my country and being part of something bigger than myself are my daily inspiration.

Franklin 4 Franklin 5

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