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084: Justin Cayless, Founder of Crows Warrior Salve

084: Justin Cayless, Founder of Crows Warrior Salve

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, the team welcomes to the show fellow Marine ’03 and founder of Crows Warrior Salve, Justin Cayless. He spent time in security force teams and victor units on the east coast. Since leaving the Corps, Justin has become heavily involved in real estate among other entrepreneurial activities. He recently founded Crows Warrior Salve a veteran owned and operated company focused on battle tested skin care products.


Justin Cayless; about Crows Warrior Salve

Mrs. Crow, or as I knew her, Great Granny, was a strong frontier woman, with deep beliefs in the healing power of the natural elements, and strong ties to Crow Indian healing remedies. “warrior sav”, is based from her Original 1929 formula that was used as a daily remedy for all family and friends alike in our small West Texas town. Any thing from dry hands, burns, bug bites and stings, to scars and infections, we knew to rub sav on it! After carrying the last bit of sav that I had left as a first aid ointment in the USMC, I knew the benefits that her all natural solution offered. Most recently in a successful battle with breast cancer, a simple conversation between a determined mom looking for a natural solution to scars and healing in general, and a son with a passion to re-awaken our Crow Indian ancestral culture led to the modern day version of “Crow’s Warrior Sav”.

The guys at Cigars and Sea use lotion for only one thing and it doesn’t include both hands….well maybe sometimes. Anyway, the guys don’t touch fancy creams. That said, anyone who works for a living knows what it’s like having dry, itchy hands that are too tough for the lady stuff. That’s when you reach for Crows Warrior Salve. It’s like chapstick for your hands….awesome!
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