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089: Best Movies To Take On Deployment

089: Best Movies To Take On Deployment

May 26, 2016 by | Be the first to comment »


Mike Penney and Bennett Tanton discuss the best movies to take on deployment for this latest installment of Cigars and Sea Stories. Anyone who has ever traveled abroad knows the difficulties one faces when choosing movie options. The conversation spans through VHS during the Gulf War days, DVD cases stuffed full of priceless feature length presentations and, modern hard drives capable of holding terabytes worth of porn…movies….whatever. “The times they are a changin”!

You’ll find classic war flicks like “Braveheart”, “Full Metal Jacket” and, “Apocalypse Now” have made the list of great deployment films. The list also includes great comedies such as “The Big Lebowski”, “Super Troopers” and “Jarhead” (wait was that a comedy – sure felt like it). For those more interested in episodic seasons , the list includes “One Tree Hill” and “The Gilmore Girls”…3/7 Snipers were super fans in Ramadi…NO SHIT

Leave your comments below, tell us about the best movies you watched on deployment. What is your list of top ten deployment movies?

We will be glad to read your comments on the air along with you recommendations for down range movie watching.


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