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094: Hygiene In The Field

094: Hygiene In The Field

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hygiene pit burn pit shitters shower pb gumbattiHygiene in the field can be a difficult task. Mike and Bennett sit down to reminisce about the terrible experiences they’ve had while attempting to maintain good order and discipline.

PB Gumbatti posed especially difficult challenges. The small patrol base was a series of interconnected compounds near the Helmand river in south central Sangin district. In one square 50 yard X 50 yard area Marines did everything; they would stand post, sleep, take a shower, train in the gym, shave, brush their teeth, get haircuts, take a dump and, burn their feces and various waste. This area was only one of four which had a variety or purposes from armory, magazine, dud/uxo pit, clearing barrels, staging areas and, additional birthing areas. In total it was home to 126 people at any given moment. That is, if the cops weren’t banging heroin with civilians out in the village or causing chaos outside of the compound walls.

Every day started the same way. Marines at the hygiene pit staring blankly into the one mirror they possessed. Broken off a blow up HMMWV, the mirror was cracked and mangled; fitting the surroundings perfectly. It sat perched atop engineer stakes with two signs, one that read “HYGIENE” and another in Arabic. A lot of good that did in a society that has an 85% illiteracy rate!

When people are put in austere conditions for long periods of time they can develop disgusting conditions that become agitated and gross, such as monkey butt. Those of you who are lucky enough to be members of our mailing list saw a glimpse of the rare Mandrill butt?. it’s truly heinous, and yet strangely beautiful. For those of you who don’t get our newsletter, don’t miss out on these rare opportunities: sign up today.

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hygiene pit sangin afghanistan

Mike Penney Mirror Sangin Gumbatti

PB Gumbatti compound


Gumbatti patrol base

PB Gumbatti burn pit, shitters

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