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097: Ron Holmes, Marine Force Recon

097: Ron Holmes, Marine Force Recon

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Ron Holmes

On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Bennett sit down with Marine Force Recon veteran Ron Holmes.

Ron spent over 20 years in the recon community retiring in April 2010 from Marine Special Operations Command.  His time in service was spent in Force Reconnaissance commands specializing in Reconnaissance Communication.

Ron will be speaking this June 30th 2016 at Bunker Brews in Raleigh: Click here to get registered for the event

Ron has worked over the past 6 years in support of JSOC: Joint Special Operations Command; as a Program Manager for a Communications Company, a Sensor Operator on an Intelligence Reconnaissance Surveillance (ISR) platform and, as an Independent Diplomatic Security Consultant.  Ron is professional instructor as well. He has provided over 3000 hours of marksmanship instruction for all skill levels on multiple weapons platforms for civilian, Law Enforcement and, Military Units.

Ron’s philosophy

Ron’s philosophy is “We do not teach to a range standard but to a standard of survivability” This is accomplished through professional instruction, scenario based training, a strong foundation of marksmanship fundamentals and, the understanding that “it’s about quality of rounds fired not quantity of rounds fired.”  The training platform he has created was developed from years of real world experience while on active duty and working as a contractor for the U.S. Government in hostile situations.  He offers training from the absolute beginner to the Special Operator level, with a staff consisting of current and former Special Operators from all branches of service.

Currently Ron is working on a degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. He is an Ambassador for North American Rescue, Silynx Communications, Factor Equipment, Doc Spartan, and Fighter Design Clothing and Equipment and, coaches Phoenix Brands, Stiletto Women’s 3-GUN Team.

He’s been out to sea and down range to many unique locations, which makes for some great sea stories. Enjoy the show!

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Ron Holmes
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