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109: Patronizing the American Veteran

109: Patronizing the American Veteran

August 4, 2016 by | Be the first to comment »

Mike and Bennett talk about Patronizing the American Veteran!

How many times have your qualifications been questioned for the simplest tasks?  In a lot of cases veterans have to fight for understanding from their civilian counterparts explaining what they actually did in the military.  To get the general public to understand that the skills they learned and were taught on the battlefield are useful in this world as well.  That just because a lot of veterans don’t follow the path that most people follow does not mean they are not just as qualified.

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“Sitting in front of my fireplace, basking in it’s warm glow gives me time to reflect upon the sacrifices that it has taken for me to enjoy the security of a good home, in a safe environment. I can hear the soft whisper of the snow as it caresses my window and covers the ground outside in a scintillating display of sparkling lights under the full moon. How many times have our service men and women watched this same scene from a foxhole, or camped in some remote part of the world. Thankful for the silence of that moment, knowing it won’t last long. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He/she dresses in fatigues and patrols the world restlessly, ensuring that we can have this peaceful night. Every day they give us the gift of this lifestyle that we enjoy, and every night they watch over us. They are warriors, angels, guardians, friends, brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, forming a family that stretches back to the beginning of the country. So tonight when you go to bed say a prayer that God watch over those who watch over us, and thank them for their sacrifices, on and off the battlefield. Pray that they have a peaceful night, and will be home soon with their families who also share their burden. Without them we would not have this moment.”
― Neil Leckman

Patronizing the American Veteran

Patronizing the American Veteran

Patronizing the American Veteran
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