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110: Gritty Gear

110: Gritty Gear

August 9, 2016 by | Be the first to comment »

Tim and Bennett sit down with Jon from Gritty Gear.

Gritty gear makes Innovative Medical Solutions designed by Tested Medics.  The team at Gritty is comprised of battle and operational tested medics their bios speak for themselves.

Gritty Gear

Gerard- Gerard has served in just about every role in the First Responder community. As a Veteran, former Law Enforcement Officer, and now Fire-Fighter/Paramedic, his extensive experience has been essential in continuing to understand, develop, and integrate essential concepts into First Responders’ capabilities.

Dan- Dan refuses to slow down after retirement. As such, he is our Primary Sales Team lead for Texas and regional concerns throughout the Midwest. His input to product development, fielding, and use has been essential to Gritty Gear’s ability to maneuver to meet the demands of constantly changing environments and departmental level needs.

Don – Don is waist deep in Medical School. He serves largely in an Advisory role regarding  Emergency Medical concepts and procedures, as well as utilizing his extensive Pre-Hospital experiences to contribute to content and functionality of new products.

Chris-  Chris is highly vested in obtaining admission to Medical School. His advisory role incorporates not only Pre Hospital environments, but provides perspective into Gritty Gear’s growing demand for use in various austere and non-clinical environments.

Gritty Gear

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