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112: Cigars and Sea Stories Mashup

112: Cigars and Sea Stories Mashup

August 16, 2016 by | Be the first to comment »

This episode of Cigars and Sea Stories is a mashup, a “Best of Cigars and Sea Stories” to review a year of chaos and craziness.

Over a hundred episodes have been ran and countless moments have been captured all in an effort to relive the best parts about serving in the military.

Smoking and joking is our business. It’s an adventure, whether we are out on the road interviewing entrepreneurs or chilling in the home office skyping with vagabonds drunk on tequila peeing on the beach. Our mission has always been to share stories with those people who are adding VALUE to the world, albeit some of us are a lil rough around the edges.

We are recording more episodes every week and don’t plan on stopping. Connect with us. Sign up for the newsletter and stay in touch. We are always looking for feedback on how to improve the show overall. Thank you for a wonderful year. We appreciate your time in listening. It’s an honor to serve you. Semper Fidelis – ALWAYS

Cigars and Sea Stories

Cigars and Sea Stories Cigars and Sea Stories

Cigars and Sea Stories  Cigars and Sea Stories

Cigars and Sea Stories

Cigars and Sea Stories


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