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120: MILK Stories, Got Milk!

120: MILK Stories, Got Milk!

September 13, 2016 by | Be the first to comment »

On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories Bennett, Mike, and Tim talk MILK Stories, milk and all things curdled. Milk, love it or leave it?

MILK Stories!  This goes from good, to gross, to worse pretty quick.

Being overseas and craving a glass of real milk. Cold milk. MMMMMMM?..

Great moments have started with a handful of oreo and a tall glass of milk. Fresh milk, butter milk, that high-fat goodness straight out of the teet. “None of this fancy pasturized stuff for my growing boys!” Bennett shares a great story about life on the farm.

The smell of sour milk is enough to send some people over the edge of the porcelain god in full “cat-back” position. A nausea inducing wiff of curdled deliciousness. Cottage cheese, that was the consistency of a carton one unlucky fool grabbed out of the fridge. You’ll enjoy that sea story.

MILK Stories

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