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129: Elana Duffy –

129: Elana Duffy –

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike sits down with army veteran Elana Duffy.

Elana Duffy

Elana lives in New York City. Having made it through an Afghanistan deployment in 2004.   She was later injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq 2005 while serving as an Army intelligence collector.  After several years of misdiagnosis for the resulting traumatic brain injury; she was rushed into neurosurgery at Walter Reed in 2008. Four years of cognitive, physical and occupational therapy followed. While she continued her career, she was ultimately medically retired in 2012.

Though she still suffers with migraines, cognitive, and balance issues she remains physically active.  She is serves as the NYC Climbing Director of Team Red, White and Blue, as well as numerous hiking, mountaineering, and SCUBA expeditions. Since retirement, she was on the founding team for a charity racing team. She is also the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of ghostwriting and content development firm Present Tense LLC.

Most recently, she has teamed up with several other veterans and veteran family members to solve the issue of veteran transition and resource management.  Elana is now the CEO of veteran resource review platform Pathfinder Labs Inc to attack the problem.  They provide veterans and families with a place to seek out local resources, rate and review their experiences, and get their voices heard to make changes in their communities. Being a self-described data nerd, she and her team are also developing analytic research to work with organizations, municipalities, and the federal government (VA and DoD) to implement the platform and provide immediate, constructive feedback to make a better and earlier transition for all veterans. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in industrial engineering from Cornell University, and is currently pursuing her MBA at Baruch College.

Elana Duffy
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