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132: Dan Talley, Author of “The Stan”

132: Dan Talley, Author of “The Stan”

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, we welcome Dan Talley, Army veteran and author of “The Stan”. Dan and his son served together in Iraq. They spent the majority of their time cleaning up IEDs as part of the task force Dagger. (Those guys in the big trucks with the arm out front, at night covered in white lights, digging for bombs.) That unique experience of sharing a deployment led to the book. Dan talks about his time coming up in the Army and rising the senior NCO level and getting the call from his boy telling him he’d quit school to join his unit and deploy.┬áTell that to the miss’!

Dan Talley

Dan Talley, Author of “The Stan”

Dan Talley is a veteran of a twenty-six year marriage, twenty-eight year military career and three wars. His varied occupations include years of leadership in military, educational, industrial, religious, and civic organizations. God, through this experiential education, amassed within this storyteller numerous tales to be told. Dan is winner of both visual art and literary contests. His experience, quest for understanding, creativity, and artistry enable story-telling which guides others to comprehend truths from ordinary and extraordinary situations. Serving in combat with his son in 2010 brought new perspectives on Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s love. Subsequent depression, suicidal thoughts, and PTSD, contrast with a mission trip in India to grow greater compassion for others and a desire to assist in their personal growth.

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