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144: Land Navigation

144: Land Navigation

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Bennett are talking about land navigation. It’s something we all learn in the school of infantry.  As we hit the fleet, additional land nav courses may be required by the unit based on your billet.  Bennett was a recon Marine.  Those guys stalk through the swamp using trees as terrain features. Mike was a CAAT Marine turned DM. Land nav was taught in Camp Pendleton and 29 palms. The Marine Corps offers totally different environments to get lost in.

Land NavigationLand Navigation

Each Marine has their share of land nav sea stories. Running a course to beat the time record. Getting lost in the sands of the Mojave.  Stomping through the swamps of Camp Lejeune. We invite you to share your sea stories with us. Leave us a comment. Tell us a tale. We always enjoy hearing from our listeners.

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