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147: Covers and the weird things we do to them

147: Covers and the weird things we do to them

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories Mike and Bennett are talking about covers and the weird things we do to them. We bend them, shape them and, press them into the perfect forms worthy of wearing on duty. Every cover has it’s nuances.

Covers and the weird things we do to them

Every branch has a unique set of headgear that one is issued for specific occasions or billet. One such example is the Marine Corps’ campaign cover. Marksmanship instructors and drill instructors are issued the campaign cover as a page 11 item to be worn during an assigned billet. Meaning, drill instructors cannot just walk around Pendleton with a campaign cover on. They need to be on Edson pushing platoons. Same goes for the range guys. If you wanna head to mainside you’ve gotta have your soft cover; an eight point or a boonie.

The Army has the soft covers, same as the other branches, but they have seen a larger adoption of the beret for parade wear. The beret is worn in various colors and with various unit designators based on the mission, unit and billet. For instance, the Rangers wear buckskin tan berets to symbolize the caps worn by Rogers’ Rangers. It’s all very confusing.

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Covers and the weird things we do to them

Covers and the weird things we do to them
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