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167: John Lee Dumas, Army Veteran, Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire

167: John Lee Dumas, Army Veteran, Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories John Lee Dumas, Army veteran and founder of Entrepreneur on Fire, joins Mike and guest host Jeremy Paris for some smokin & jokin.

John served as an Army officer. He commanded a tank section in Iraq. While leading combat operations throughout Al Anbar province, he frequently rolled through enemy laden hotbeds like Habbaniyah, Taqaddum and Ramadi. On one such occasion his section encountered enemy tanks. Listen to John describe how uranium rounds turn enemy vehicles into “ghost tanks”. It’s a sea story worth repeating.

John Lee Dumas

After leaving the Army, John made the transition back into the civilian world, just like we all do. The path ultimately led to podcasting. He sought mentorship and guidance from many sources before creating the show, “Entrepreneur On Fire”, a daily podcast that provides insights to aspiring entrepreneurs. In his book, “The Ultimate Guide To Podcasting” John provides tips and lessons learned from years spent in front of a micrphone. It has been the starting point for many podcasters looking for a ‘right way’ to break into the industry. He also founded, “Podcaster’s Paradise”, a community of podcasters who work together to build and develop their shows. — A combat veteran who created a whole community built on serving one another to do better at what they are passionate about. That’s adding VALUE to the world.

John Lee Dumas

We are honored to have John Lee Dumas on Cigars and Sea Stories, espeically when he’s talking about blowing up tanks and pioneering industries — MOTO-vation!.

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John Lee Dumas

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