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169: Joint Recording Operations – Change Your POV

169: Joint Recording Operations – Change Your POV

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Bennett Tanton, Eddie Lazzari, and Michael J. Penney sit down for joint recording operations with “Change Your POV”. This is a special moment in podcasting, two shows recording simultaneously to be released individually. It’s a menagerie of veteran podcasting. The guys are talking shop and sharing milestones on the progression of both shows all the while cracking jokes and swapping stories.

Joint Recording Operations

Collaboration is the key to success in this world. Bennett Tanton is the link between these two great podcasts. You might even say he spans the gap. He’s a recon Marine and former 10th Mountain soldier with a background in mental health and a passion for helping fellow veterans. It’s easy to understand how he found his way into both shows, and it was his idea to do this crazy ass episode.  So blame him when this Joint Recording Operations of veteran podcastery comes crashing back to earth!

Joint Recording Operations


Eddie Lazzari

Joint Recording Operations

This episode will be released on both veteran podcasts so listen in to see the, oh so subtle, differences. Subscribe, rate, and review time now!

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