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175: Artillery, King of Battle

175: Artillery, King of Battle

March 23, 2017 by | Be the first to comment »

On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories the guys are talking artillery? indirect fire? Spectre gunships. It goes off the rails a bit. Come on, when you’ve got stories about blowing up terrorizors with high explosives you’ve gotta share ’em. The Marine Corps has a whole bunch of ways to blow up bad guys, but the M777 Howitzer 155MM artillery piece is one of the most fun. Forward observers call for fire on enemy threats, raining hate and discontent from the sky. What amazing power to wield! – It takes a whole team of motivated warriors to deliver such a payload. The observer, fire direction center, and gun crew working in harmony all to get a string pulled. With a radio, a 9-line, a 10 digit grid and, a proper azimuth you too can rain death from up to thirty kilometers. …Visit your nearest Marine recruiter today!

VIDEO: check out USMC artillery at

Artillery Artillery

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