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189: Isolation, A Blessing And A Curse

189: Isolation, A Blessing And A Curse

May 11, 2017 by | Be the first to comment »

Isolation, a blessing and a curse. Mike and Bennett are discussing the benefits and detriment to closing out the world and isolating yourself on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. There are times in life where you may feel the urge to purposefully separate yourself from the outside world. This ‘cocooning’ can be a very positive thing, given the circumstances. Ensconcing yourself to conduct work, to regenerate, to grow as an individual. These are typically healthy behaviors. Other times, individuals choose to segregate themselves due to negative affects. Anxiety and pressure from the surrounding environment work to create a mental encapsulation that leads to a need for isolation. More often than not the isolation is accompanied by feelings of depression, resentment, guilt, anger etc. These are, of course, negative emotions which may result in negative behavior.

Mike and Bennett have experienced both sides of the isolation coin. Long time spent searching in the wayward loneliness for answers that the mind can’t grasp because the soul won’t allow it. Leading to depressed sleep with little rest. Angst and frustration caused by the struggle of overcoming another challenge. Self destruction?.and growth in isolation. Alone and unafraid! Focused on the task to accomplish the objective to complete the mission. A single mission that adds to the overall success of the vision. Isolation, shutting off the noise and bullshit long enough to bring a vision into the world.

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