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1pet1vet is a Veteran-owned and operated, Illinois and Indiana-recognized charitable organization, awaiting its 501(c)(3) federal income tax exemption determination, dedicated to providing service dogs and K9 companions to our veterans suffering from P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), T.B.I. ( traumatic brain injury) and/or other psychological or physical transitional medical conditions  as a result of combat military service post- 9/11 in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Our mission is to inspire our veterans to see that there is hope and to teach them to begin their recovery with their new service dog or K-9 companion.  Each day we strive to focus on 1 pet and 1 veteran allowing both to begin their new chapters in life.  They return home to start their new lives as productive members of society.  As we like to say, THE WAR MAY HAVE ENDED; HOWEVER THE JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN!”  We’re more than what meets the eye — our “Oasis” offers veterans the one-stop shop for success after service.



20 VETEREANS WILL LEAVE THEIR LIVES TO ESCAPE IT ALL, lose faith or, lose it all; ending with only one option, HOMELESSNESS.

How we make a difference

Our 3-week program includes a service dog / K9 companion for each veteran, training, temporary housing, if needed, during training, certification, equipment,  vet care, 3 months of dog food, and chow at our Cedar Lake,  Indiana “Oasis,”  all FREE of charge.

We have seen that by including our veterans in the training process, we enable veterans to become part of their own recovery.  We are seeing amazing life-saving results with 1pet1vet Inc. NFP’s program.  Our academy is staffed by training and dog service provider, GetYourDawgOn LLC.  Get Your Dawg on provides skilled, certified, DAWGon Academy instructors and trainers.

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We understand the vast majority of our Veterans have daily obligations from work to family and beyond.  So we leave it up to the Veterans and their schedules as to completing the 3-week integration, training and life-changing new chapter with their service dogs or k9 companions. Our Veterans come here to meet, stay and train with their new service dogs/k-9 companions.

Each Veteran is responsible for his or her own transportation to and from our “Oasis”. Click the address below for a map to our location.

16215 Sheffield Ave.

Cedar Lake, IN  46303

Should you need assistance with your travel to the “Oasis,” we will endeavor to put you in touch with several organizations that may be able to assist you.  Simply contact us for further information.

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Many returning veterans suffer from the sights, sounds and memories of the horrors of war. They carry this home with them, and depression and suicidal thoughts are common.  According to the Department of Defense, 1 in 5 veterans suffer from PTSD, and 1 in 6 will attempt suicide or have suicidal tendencies. Service dogs are a proven recovery tool for these invisible disorders.

Your support in donating to 1pet1vet will give a new lease on life to rescue dogs and military heroes. Service dogs are medical equipment and walking prescriptions to those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.   The good news is that there is hope.

Your donations are what makes our life-saving organization possible.  Please donate, if not for the pet, for the vet, and if not for the vet, then for the pet.  Let’s help our American heroes live their American Dream, the one they fought so hard to preserve for all of us!

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