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202: Create Space Experience, Thomas McPherson

202: Create Space Experience, Thomas McPherson

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The Create Space experience with Army veteran, Thomas McPherson, founder of McPherson marketing group; a reflection on how we got here. On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike is joined in-studio by Mr. Thomas Clint McPherson. He’s a former commissioned officer of the U.S. Army infantry. He served as a mortar platoon leader and small unit leader, with extensive skills, knowledge, and combat experience. Having served in multiple leadership billets, his battlefield wisdom and attention to detail led to a role in the S-3. Formatting is crucial when you are passing orders and requests up the chain of command. Thomas was the guy who had to take it the the boss. If it wasn’t formatted correctly, you weren’t getting it up the chain. That’s why he’s the guy we chose to help format the “5 Paragraph Business Plan” book.

His post-military experience in large brand marketing and digital marketing went into the foundation of McPherson Marketing Group. He and his team created the book cover design. They also work behind the scenes, on our marketing campaigns.

So, you may be asking, how does one meet somebody like Thomas? The story of how Mike and Thomas met starts with a motorcycle ride. Mike was out on the Harley all day, clearing his mind and trying to get through the next hurdles ahead. He knew the book needed to be finalized, he just didn’t know how. All day on the bike he thought of little else other than completing the task ahead. Later that evening, Mike puttered over to Tre Caraway’s place for some stogies and a bonfire. (Tre has joined us before on Cigars and Sea Stories) The guys were smokin’ and jokin’ in typical form. They were throwing dried tree limbs on raging flames and screaming for them to grow higher. That’s when the neighbors showed up. Not to yell at them, but to join them. Thomas lives in the same neighborhood as Tre. He enjoys a good sea story and a fine cigar. The conversation got rolling and the rest, as they say, is history.

Thomas and Mike met because of cigars and sea stories. Veterans smokin’ and jokin’ with fellow veterans. It’s all about getting out there and sharing your vision with other hard chargers who are, as crazy as you and, willing to help make it a reality. Veterans helping veterans, it’s a beautiful thing.Create Space Experience

Create Space Experience


Create Space Experience


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