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213: Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans Is An Amazing Program

213: Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans Is An Amazing Program

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EBV: Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans is an amazing program. Bennett and Mike met through EBV. They were each on a different project then, working together to learn, and grow their own businesses. The Institute of Veterans and Military Families created EBV along with EBV-F: EBV Families program to serve veterans and their families. On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Bennett share their experiences and a few insights about the program.

EBV is highly competitive. To get in you need a passion for entrepreneurship and a burning desire to learn all that there is to know about business. It starts with an extensive application process followed by interviews. Upon acceptance, students are provided with textbooks and login credentials to blackboard. The program starts with a 30 online education package led by an instructor then carries through to a 9 day in-classroom seminar. They put you up in a hotel. Classes are ran at the host university’s campus. Everything is free to the veteran. Come prepared to learn. The knowledge flows like a firehose. There are speakers at every meal, all of them provide great insights and lessons learned from years in business; and big networking opportunities all along the way. Cigars and Sea Stories highly recommends Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans / Families to entrepreneurial types seeking an education and wish to add VALUE to the world. Check it out now at

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans


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