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225: Kilroy Was Here, 5 Paragraph Business Plan Management Tool

225: Kilroy Was Here, 5 Paragraph Business Plan Management Tool

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Bennett are talking “Kilroy was here” and 5 Paragraph as a business management tool. The guys are together at Bennett’s in Syracuse, NY. Mike is in the area visiting friends and colleagues to talk 5 Paragraph Business Plan. A lot of entrepreneurs and business leaders have been asking how to show their support to 5 Paragraph. Kilroy. just like the infamous Kilroy. G.I.s during WWII, Korea and Vietnam took the time to tag enemy occupied territory with a small token of their presence. A simple graffiti image of a little guy peeking over the wall. Accompanied by the words “Kilroy was here” became a symbol to others that American troops had been through the area. Cigars and Sea Stories would like to ask that you show your support by snapping a photo of yourself holding up your copy of the 5 Paragraph Business Plan, The team will post it to instagram #Kilroy5p

Kilroy Was Here

Kilroy Was Here

The guys have been causing quite a stir with business leaders seeking a better way to manage within their existing organizations. The 5 Paragraph Business Plan was constructed with the entrepreneur at the focal point of the guidebook. The book does include intrepreneurial information and business leader or management structure for how to grow your business plan with your business. On the website you can listen through tutorials to gain better understanding of how to implement the plan as an operational tool. The advisors at are currently working with executives and operational leaders in a variety of industries in order to build case studies for you to learn from. Keep listening as the guys from Cigars and Sea Stories will be bringing updates from fellow veterans in business who’ve achieved success through the use of the 5 Paragraph Business Plan.

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