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228: Evolution vs. Transition

228: Evolution vs. Transition

September 28, 2017 by | Be the first to comment »

The guys are talking Evolution vs. Transition on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. It sounds like semantics but really it’s a way of thinking that can get you through the worst part of leaving the military. In the early stages of veteranhood a strange feeling suddenly hits you. That moment when you realize that there is an “in between”. It’s nearly akin to purgatory. There’s a gap. There is always a gap, or what feels like a gap, in the story of nearly every veteran. Very few immediately leave service and find themselves fitting in lock step with their surroundings and new found counterparts. Typically there is a new learning curve that needs to be overcome. Bennett is entrenched in the VA provider system. That’s his day job, working with vets seeking assistance. His experiences in working with the less fortunate has enabled him to tailor eloquent rants fraught with valuable insights.

Evolution vs. transition as a way of looking at the process that veterans go through in becoming the next evolution of a warrior. Leaving the military does not mean leaving the lifestyle of being a guardian or sheepdog. That always stays with us, if we choose to embrace it. The idea of an evolution came out of the way Marines train. Each stage has an evolution that incorporates more advanced techniques. Completion leads to certification in a skillset. Transition is moving from one spot to another. Transitioning between duty stations. Transitioning between one area of operation to another. Transitioning to your secondary in a firefight. They require a similar skillset when you make the transition. Leaving the military requires evolution. Training and progressing to advanced new levels. Marines especially accel at this. For being the smallest branch, we sure do produce a whole lot of top notch people who go on to achieve success way outside of their MOS, or pay grade. It’s all about the next evolution. The better the training the better the warrior. Life is accumulative. Everything you learn today goes toward building, or evolving, a better you tomorrow.

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