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1 Pet 1 Vet, links up veterans with adopted service dogs.

joe badass

Joe Trainor Jr. is one crazy SOB!

joe X pamphlet

One of the 1st to kick a door in during the Global War on Terror!

The Oasis sky

It’s beautiful here…

Eric and dog

Eric walkin’ the dog….good work Ranger buddy!

Joe and dawg

Helping vets and saving lives!

oasis mill far

The 1pet1vet mill

oasis mill close up

joe and oasis mill

Joe is in his element!

mike and joe near oasis mill 1

There’s an old mill on the property! Come check it out, Joe will show you around.


Juslin and Joe, livin’ the dream…


Dan Spangler and Joe Trainor Jr. after completing their trip to raise funds for Operation Keep Your Spanky


Dan Spangler and Joe Trainor Jr. return to Camp Lejune after a long cross country adventure. They were out raising funds for Dan’s initiative, Operation Keep Your Spanky.


Mike and Juslin catch up with Dan Spangler and Joe Trainor Jr.