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Another Day Above Ground

Another Day Above Ground

May 24, 2016 by | Be the first to comment »

Kajaki afghanistan post position overwatch 2

Everyday people ask me how I’m doing and the response is typically the same, “another day above ground!”. This isn’t meant as a curmudgeon ‘F U’, much rather the opposite. It means there is still time left in the race. It means I’m still here…so the devil is nervous. The mythical ‘they’ haven’t killed me yet, and so the struggle continues. It’s a reminder that we will not be here forever, therefore, we must seize the day!

MOTO?!?!?!  You’re GD straight it is!  You think I started a business to sprinkle the world with fairy dust??!?!  HELL NO!  When my generation of returning veterans got home to the good ol’ US of A, we looked around at the disorganized grab-asstic chaos that is our country and asked, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU PEOPLE DOING WHILE WE WERE GONE?!?!?!

Complacency kills folks! You let the wolves in the back door while we were out slayin’.

Well thank God that Gen. Amos thought these tattoos were too unprofessional for war fighting…hunh?

I’m out now. Hell a lot of us our out now. Hey, all the ‘cool kids’ are out now. Great, let’s get together and take our country back!

Mike Penney Kajaki Afghanistan American flag

How you may ask?  CAPITALISM

Goods, products and, services created by us, veterans, and purchased or used by everyone. It’s the American dream, the one we fought and bled for. That dream is ours to own. We are high impact, high op tempo and, highly motivated to deliver a far superior experience to our customer.

Did you catch that?   It’s all about the customer now. It’s not about regulation and price gouging, it’s about giving people what they want and going to crazy lengths to serve them……DAMN that sounds familiar!

Hey but here’s the thing you’ve gotta get straight as an entrepreneur…that top notch service you provide it’s going to cost customers a premium price because you don’t do working parties and police call sh!t anymore, so PAY UP!

It starts with a plan. An idea written into existence by someone charged with carrying out the mission. That charge is internal; the mission is yours to create. Build your own future and to hell to with anyone who stands in your way.

For those of you who are willing to accept the status quo, enjoy it while you can because me and my band of merry mischief makers are about to bash it’s teeth in.

My name is Michael Joseph Penney, I will have a hand in helping to create 400 veteran BILLIONAIRES…will you be one of them?

Veterans put me down as an adjacent unit, one that will bring hate and discontent to your enemy. That enemy, that NEED people have for what you offer, I want to crush that need with you; I want to KILL it.

Because I’ve got another day above ground and I’m not going to waste it.

Contact me at with your mission, concepts and business ideas, I’ll be glad to help.

We’re all in this together…Semper Fidelis  – ALWAYS

Profile photo of Michael PenneyMike served 8 years in the Marine Corps infantry, deploying three times to combat; 2 tours to Ramadi Iraq and 1 to Kajaki/Sangin Afghanistan. After leaving the Corps in 2012, Mike set out as an entrepreneur. He's now the co-host of Cigars and Sea Stories, VP of business development with LifeFlip Media and director of programs at Bunker Labs RDU. Mike is a voice actor and regularly contributes to outside publications such as The War Horse and American Grit. When he's not toiling away in the office, Mike enjoys spending time shooting, hunting and, hanging out in nature. In the evening you'll find him out on the deck puffing a stogie and sharing sea stories with his fellow Marines.... and Doc.

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