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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day here at Cigars and Sea Stories we honor our fallen.  It is our duty to honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life. Here is a video speech that gives credit to the deeds and the sacrifices of those fallen.  This weekend honor and remember those souls that have passed, for us to be here today.  Bless you all, until Valhalla! Memorial Day Quotes  “In the End, we will remember not the words of… Read More »

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Patriotism is something from our hearts!


Marine Corps General David M. Shoup was the Commandant of the Marine Corps in from 1960-1963.  He is a Medal of Honor recipient from his actions at the Battle of Tarawa. He continued to show overwhelming patriotism throughout his entire career.  He was known as a hard-driving and assertive leader.  He was a big opponent to the war in Vietnam and was a huge critic against the influence corporations held over US foreign policy this later expanded to the military industrial… Read More »

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So where has “Civil Discourse” gone?

civil discourse scream

“Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.”             – George Washington Ok, what is civil discourse?  Civil discourse is engagement in discourse (conversation) intended to enhance understanding.  I should not have do define civil but I will.  Civil in this context means courteous and polite.  So there we have it. “Civil Discourse” means courteous and polite conversation in its most basic form.  This is something in this day and… Read More »

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Four Business Funding Options for Veteran Entrepreneurs

business-funding-options for veterans

One of the most challenging issues that entrepreneurs face is finding funding and this is no different for veteran entrepreneurs. Here are four resources that can help veteran entrepreneurs possibly find much needed money to start or grow their businesses. The Veterans Opportunity Fund The Veterans Opportunity Fund is a multi-stage venture capital fund that was formed to invest in veteran owned businesses in need of growth capital. They are investing up to $3 million in high-growth veteran-owned companies. Hivers & Strivers… Read More »

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Five Resources You Must Know about as a Veteran Entrepreneur

Five Resources You Must Know about as a Veteran Entrepreneur

-By Bennett Tanton There are many resources out there to help the budding veteran entrepreneur; some resources to help start-ups and some to help new but established businesses. This is not a comprehensive list of resources but these are some that I have either firsthand experience with or know someone directly (business partner/associate) that has firsthand experience. Some of these programs are not just for veterans but also for their spouses to take advantage of. They are in no particular… Read More »

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It’s okay! I’ve been here before.

Generational Differences

Not sure who wrote this passage below (I looked for about an hour yesterday). It really hits home with a lot of my brothers and sisters. This is the definition of PEER SUPPORT!  You don’t have to be a Peer Support Specialist, you don’t need to have some special title.  Some of us have experience in recovery and know how to get out of the hole.  Then if the brother or sister needs more help at least provide a warm… Read More »

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