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Blackside Concepts is the veteran owned parent company of The Havok Journal, Hit the Woodline, Blackside Publishing, TF Black Training, Blackside Artisanry, and Blackside Productions (Coming 2015).

We are a company that is passionate about supporting the veteran community and their causes. We hope to help bridge the growing gap between the military community and the everyday civilian, as well as supporting veteran entrepreneurship.

We came about through the creation of “The Ranger.” Due to the overwhelming popularity of this work, founder Marty Skovlund, Jr. was inspired to start a business with the principles that the Ranger community instilled in him as a foundation.

Today, Blackside Concepts is still completely veteran owned. Marty, founder and CEO, is a best-selling author and veteran of five combat deployments while assigned to the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He honorably separated from the military in 2012 after eight years of service as a Staff Sergeant.

Leo Jenkins, partner and brand manager of TF Black Training, is known for a variety of things to include being a Ranger Medic, competing at the professional level in three different sports, as well as being an author and traveler. Leo has been dubbed a modern day Rennaissance Man, and lives up to that reputation without hesitation.

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