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Bunker Builds America

Bunker Builds America

June 17, 2016 by | Be the first to comment »

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Bunker Labs recently launched a year-round nation-wide tour to highlight veteran entrepreneurs who are adding VALUE to the world. Last fall we had a chat with the Executive Director Dean Bundschu, he was the first to tell us about the Bunker and all their great offerings.

Bunker Builds America is a national tour that touches major cities throughout the US. There are a wide range of industries and business concepts to check out in the various pit stops along the way.

Each stop marks a Bunker location actively participating in the network. The various Bunker locations are charged with the mission of educating, inspiring and, connecting veterans who have become entrepreneurs and are seeking business acceleration and scale-able growth. Originally designed as a business incubator, Bunker Labs has evolved in some ways to become more of an accelerator. So what are the major differences between an incubator and an accelerator? 

Mainly, accelerators work with businesses that have reached the “proof of concept” phase. The active stage in the evolution of goods, products or services being offered to a customer. To boil it down, proof of concept is like saying, “here is as close as I can get to the real product”. More often than not, these companies are ‘boot-strapped’  “you go as far as you can possibly go on your own in an effort to provide a prototype or a visualization,proof of concept, for your idea while attempting to not go entirely broke.”  Proof of concept either performs the action of a product in prototype form and/or depicts the needs that will address by creating the device or building the business. So why the long explanation?

Because accelerating a business and incubating a business are way different. Incubation helps gets your idea thru proof of concept, and sometimes, takes equity or a different form of payment or revenue generation in exchange for services and resources.  They don’t that….the last part about the equity and the money. The Bunker is a place for veterans to collaborate on ideas and build companies. They offer space, resources, connections and, host events to showcase veteran creations.

bunker in a box logoStart with Bunker in a Box, it’s an e-course platform that walks thru some of the basics of entrepreneurial discipline.

The Bunker helps entrepreneurs grow their ideas and their businesses, but you’ve gotta be a real entrepreneur. You’ve gotta prove that people, or companies, want what you have to offer. The Bunker provides the co-working space, resources, connections and, education.

Want to join a cohort?   Here are the locations near you.

Cigars and Sea Stories is a proud graduate of the Bunker RDU inaugural cohort. We are seeking ambitious rebels who want to change the world…again.

Profile photo of Michael PenneyMike served 8 years in the Marine Corps infantry, deploying three times to combat; 2 tours to Ramadi Iraq and 1 to Kajaki/Sangin Afghanistan. After leaving the Corps in 2012, Mike set out as an entrepreneur. He's now the co-host of Cigars and Sea Stories, VP of business development with LifeFlip Media and director of programs at Bunker Labs RDU. Mike is a voice actor and regularly contributes to outside publications such as The War Horse and American Grit. When he's not toiling away in the office, Mike enjoys spending time shooting, hunting and, hanging out in nature. In the evening you'll find him out on the deck puffing a stogie and sharing sea stories with his fellow Marines.... and Doc.

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