208:Deployment can be boring, cartoons anyone?

Deployment can be boring sometimes, movies and tv shows, especially animated series can help pass the time. Mike and Bennett share some of their favorite shows on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. There’s is also a rather troubling story involving anime, a 13 inch DVD player, and a bottle of Jergins. Be sure to listen through the end to learn fun & interesting factoids relevant to our show topics. This episode has a good one for sure. (I’ll… Read More »

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Jas Both

207: Jas Boothe, Creator of “Discharged”

Jas Boothe is an Army veteran and the creator of the animated series “Discharged”. She joins Mike and Bennet on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories to share the story of her efforts. The show is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Support the work of many veterans and military supporters. Go to  indiegogo.com/projects/discharged-animation   and show your support right now. All support goes toward the production of the show. Animation ain’t cheap and V.A. benefits ain’t gonna cover… Read More »

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206: 3 Hots and A Cot

3 hots and a cot. That’s what they promised us. That was not always the case. Mike and Bennett discuss the fun times shared over MREs in the field, T-rats full of chicken cacciatore and what 1 DOS chow really means. Marines in combat, and in the field frankly, typically only rate 2 DOS: day of supply for chow. That means everyone gets 2 MREs to eat during the op. The hope is higher will square away all of the… Read More »

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205: Games on Deployment

Games on Deployment!   The games that are played on deployment can be fun, dumb, and downright, dangerous! Mike and Bennett are talking about the good times shared while trying to pass the boring moments of deployment downtime, on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. There are standard sports and video games that we all know and love. Tossing the football. Having a catch with ball and mitt. Some bigger FOBs even have pool tables. However, not every position… Read More »

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204: Declare Your Independence from the Status Quo With “5 Paragraph Business Plan”

Declare your independence from the status quo with the “5 Paragraph Business Plan”, available NOW on Amazon; brought to you by Cigars and Sea Stories. The Cigars and Sea Stories team created 5Paragraph.com to demonstrate how veterans may catalyze their military knowledge and experience into an outward facing product for the masses to enjoy. The plan was built for entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs who seek a proven method for disrupting markets. Business leaders have been demanding a simple methodology for carrying… Read More »

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203: Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy Independence Day!!! The 4th of July, 1776, is a date recognized by nations around the world as a defining moment for all mankind. An assembly of leaders presented the idea for a new republic, one which derives it’s power from the people through representation. Something they did not have in parliament. They declared independence in order to lead and govern themselves. The gall of those colonists! Telling the world’s greatest super power to piss off in the name of… Read More »

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