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Definition of a Brother…..

Definition of a Brother…..

October 28, 2015 by | 1 Comment

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What do you define as a band of brothers? Some call it a gun club, some call it a mafia of some sort. It’s even been described as a cult. The United States Marine Corps is truly a band of brothers. With the togetherness on the yellow footprints in boot camp, the brotherhood begins and doesn’t end at the end of boot camp. The Marine Corps keeps recruits together through boot camp, and then keeps the same group of Marines together through combat training and schools, and then finally once the new Marines hit the fleet, they are all in the same unit, always reinforcing the cohesion, esprit de corps and brotherhood being together. This plays a significant role as warriors go into combat and look to their right and left and actually know the Marine next to them very well. A vital role in developing the One Team One Fight mentality is developing the teamwork and the Marine brotherhood.

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