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We are working to develop additional pieces of art for the war stories we’ve collected over the past 200 episodes. Animators, authors, actors, cosplayers, readers, listeners, viewers… we welcome you all to give us your thoughts and feedback on how to bring these colorful stories to life. Here is a list of our TOP 10 episodes created just for you!

106: You Stole My Kill

Bootcamp, East and West

138 Bootcamp East and West

Knives: Fighting, Survival, Butchering

136 Knives – Fighting Survival Butchering


175: Artillery – King of Battle


174: Deserts

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Ron Holmes

97: Ron Holmes – Marine Force Recon


159: The Worst Part of Combat… Kids

179: Foreign Weapons

157: School of Infantry

188: Motor Pool – And The Story of The Missing Hand

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