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Mike’s Sea Stories

Mike’s Sea Stories

September 26, 2015 by | Be the first to comment »
Post 4b

Kajaki, Afghanistan



Penney, Coke and a Smile

Ramadi chow break!


Geared up for patrol in Kajaki


Old Russian artillery, remains of another long-fought war.


Kajaki gangster! These guys would triumphantly roll into battle on mopeds…..that shit’s crazy!


Pablo waiting to slay bodies with a MK-19


Geared up in front of the Kajaki Dam. That’s a weapon of mass destruction on two legs.


Training the Afghans how to shoot was easy after I told them my grandfather taught me. It earned me the title, “Topak Mahalem”….the rifle wise-man. hahahahaha


Qual day with the Afghans is less terrifying than it is with lieutenants!


Smores out’ve an ammo can. Thanks for the chocolate Mom!


Slept in full kit waiting for a fight that never came…..GOD DAMN IT!


Fresh off patrol, I sprint to the armory to check out the latest recovered enemy weaponry. Among the stock was this old PKM with spades.


I once had a DSHK that was this BIG!!!


Patrol pups hooooooo! I can’t remember if this is Starsky or Hutch…


The deployment stache is in full affect!


Patrolling the vill with a rocket strapped to my back and warthogs at 10,000 feet. Safety isn’t in numbers, it’s who’s carrying the bigger stick that really matters.


Special Application Scoped Rifle courtesy of the BC,,,,,much obliged sir!


Over-watch with the SASR….. who needs viagra?!?!


Guns up!!! These 777 Howitzers were parked right outside our back door and they are loud!. Excal charges could hit Sangin from here! Suck it!


Semper Fidelis to our beloved Corps! No shame in this game, I am a PROUD US Marine.


Profile photo of Michael PenneyMike served 8 years in the Marine Corps infantry, deploying three times to combat; 2 tours to Ramadi Iraq and 1 to Kajaki/Sangin Afghanistan. After leaving the Corps in 2012, Mike set out as an entrepreneur. He's now the co-host of Cigars and Sea Stories, VP of business development with LifeFlip Media and director of programs at Bunker Labs RDU. Mike is a voice actor and regularly contributes to outside publications such as The War Horse and American Grit. When he's not toiling away in the office, Mike enjoys spending time shooting, hunting and, hanging out in nature. In the evening you'll find him out on the deck puffing a stogie and sharing sea stories with his fellow Marines.... and Doc.

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