Cigars and Sea Stories Op Order


Cigars and Sea Stories is a multimedia company focused on empowering veterans by sharing stories with those who are adding VALUE to the world.

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Headquarters: FOB INVICTUS


Enemy: The NEED veterans have for valuable content, to enrich their lives & inspire them.

Friendly: We work closely with other veteran-owned companies creating a positive impact in the world.


Cigars and Sea Stories provides a place for veterans to act out and speak their minds. We discuss relevant topics, interview prominent veterans and, share stories of war.

Any Marine or FMF corpsmen can be a guest on the show, just shoot us an email and we’ll skype you in!

Intent: Our goal is to empower veterans to act as a whole. Veterans, this is our country, let’s make it better by creating positive change, voting on issues that matter, raising awareness for a worthy cause and, speaking out against injustice.

Desired end state: a network of veterans that can accomplish any task and, an America that can actually police itself.


We work together to network with fellow veterans that create positive change in the world. The C&S team travels to their location and records on site. This provides our audience with candid access to veterans making a difference. They share valuable insights and sea stories so that others may learn and grow from their experiences.

Upon launch, Cigars and Sea Stories will maintain an operation cycle of 2 episodes per week. Every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Admin / Logistics

We need you, the audience, to tell us your thoughts and suggestions. What do you want to hear?

What topics should we discuss? Who should we talk to next? How can we make the show batter?

The operational tempo may increase due to demand so keep the comments coming.

Command and signal

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