Operation Keep Your Spanky

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Dan Spangler, the founder of A Dogs Dream/ Dreamer’s Foundation, is a Marine on a mission. He wants to ensure every veteran is able to care for and keep their beloved pets. That’s why he has traveled around the nation to raise awareness about Operation Keep Your Spanky.

Operation Keep Your Spanky is a non-profit program that helps active duty military and veteran families keep their beloved pets in times of financial hardship. Assistance may include providing pet food or paying for veterinary bills, education and referrals to other sources of assistance. Click here to donate and support this wonderful mission.

Dan’s company, A Dog’s Dream LLC has been committed to giving back to the local animal community from the beginning. Through the creation of our Dreamer’s Foundation, we can ensure that as many animal as possible receive the proper care and treatment they so richly deserve.

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You can make a difference.Donate today to support the animal rescue efforts in Eastern North.