Oskar Ojeda VFX

Oskar Ojeda is a Marine veteran doing big things in the Hollywood visual FX community. He is one of the artist responsible for making Captain America into a badass. The rainbow bridge to Asgard and the guardian depicted in Thor, the Green Hornet were all projects he had his named associated with. The guy is making waves and adding VALUE to the world!

So when Oskar called wanting to do a new logo for Cigars and Sea Stories, we jumped at the opportunity. He is credited with the amazing artwork that embodies all that we do here at C&S and we are proud to display it on all that we do.

Look for more artwork coming from Oskar on our future product lines!


Learn More about…Oskar Ojeda VFX

​I’m Oskar and I hate talking about myself. This site’s about my animation and illustration work. I could talk about that, but I’d rather you just look through it and then maybe send me an email about whether you liked it or not, or what your favorite kind of donut might be. I get my inspiration form many deferent artists. Some very well known and others lost to time. Artist like Justin Bua street art style feel to Drew Struzan iconic movie posters that made me fall in love with so many films as a child.1841cd_1abb37ce72704a909186f99aa0caae03 (1)

I’m always looking to make new friends and work with clients big & small. I have worked in film industry for over 3 years and have been a Graphic artist for over 5 years. I have working on such films as Jack Ass 3D, Thor, Captain America, Green Hornet and many more. So feel free to look around and Contact me. Theres more art work being add weekly.



I provide 3D Animations, custom T-Shirt Graphic Design and Illustration through both digital and hand drawn work for use in film, games, textiles, websites, packaging, wallpaper,and fashion. Small through large scale projects accepted internationally. Have a project in mind? Please contact me with details!

Link:  http://www.oscarojedavfx.com/