sugar pockets

Sugar Pockets

Shaved head with a zip up hoodie on, he stood at the Dunkin’ Donuts counter waiting for his breakfast. Over his shoulder a black woman in a purple evening gown stood vigilant near the door. There was a determined hatred in her eyes. Three other people stood in the front room of the tiny restaurant. A couple ordering at the front of the line. Another fixing her drink. The black woman stood, feet planted staring at the back of the… Read More »

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Counter Strike Coffee

Counter Strike Coffee Review

Counter Strike Coffee Review Ok! So I love coffee, I’ve tried coffee from all over the world. I’ve actually had coffee in some of the famous coffee countries, prepared in traditional ways and it just speaks to me. Whether you use a regular coffee maker, French press, pour over or prepare it the traditional Turkish way you can’t brew away the flavor of bad coffee. Now let me put it out there I may be a coffee lover I… Read More »

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“What a waste”

The following thread of comments was in response to an article posted online today by “Controversial Times” (See the article at I’ll tell you in a minute why this is important: Aaron – What a waste of 10 months of my life to secure Marjah, and the life of my friend Abraham Tarwoe. All for nothing. Chris – You can’t predict the future man, the enemy has a vote, and so do the fucks in the white house. You… Read More »

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Veterans helping Veterans become entrepreneurs!

SO! For those of you that do not know yet we here are fans of entrepreneurship. With that being said I wanted to take this time to introduce our fans to Bunker Labs. Some of you may know what Bunker Labs is but for you that do not watch this video by clicking on the logo. Bunker Labs provides a peer-learning environment for veteran entrepreneurs. Inside of Bunker Labs, veteran entrepreneurs and their key staff members learn from one another in an… Read More »

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Vetrepreneurship We at Cigars and Sea-Stories are very into Veteran Entrepreneurship or as we like to call it Vetrepreneurship, and feel as though most veterans should become vetrepreneurs. Why should veterans be entrepreneurs? This is a question that everyone should be asking because veteran entrepreneurship laid the groundwork for this countries economy once and we feel as though it can again. After WWII 49% of veterans coming home went on to own or operate a business. This is a pretty intense… Read More »

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Definition of a Brother…..

This is what it’s all about at Cigars & Sea-Stories!  Click on the picture!!!!! What do you define as a band of brothers? Some call it a gun club, some call it a mafia of some sort. It’s even been described as a cult. The United States Marine Corps is truly a band of brothers. With the togetherness on the yellow footprints in boot camp, the brotherhood begins and doesn’t end at the end of boot camp. The Marine Corps keeps… Read More »

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