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The Oasis

The Oasis

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The Oasis

The Oasis is the brainchild of former Army Ranger Joe Trainor Jr.. It provides an environment where veterans can feel comfortable having fun. Joe and the team make it a point to treat everyone like family. The property has a variety of fun things to do while offering a serene place to relax and hang out. It acts as a sanctuary for all veterans.

Joe initially founded the 1pet1vet organization. Their mission, to partner rescued dogs with veterans in need of support. In order to provide such support, the organization needed to expand to a property that could suit their needs and accomplish an, even wider, range of veteran initiatives. The Oasis allows 1pet1vet the space and resources needed to accomplish numerous objectives with one solid mission in mind; to bring veterans together under a blanket of support and security, while offering hope and stability.

joe and oasis mill

A fellow veteran and I recently took a road trip through the heartland of America. While we were out enjoying the beauty of our nation, we decided to stop in and see what all the buzz was about.

Fifty miles south of Chicago and just a quarter mile inside the Indiana state line, sits an eighty acre parcel of land that has been overrun by veterans.  At the end of a long gravel driveway is a compound of buildings. The grounds are well maintained and orderly (the perfect cover). A handful of support dogs mingle throughout the property. It all seems very…pleasant. I was looking for something a little more-adventurous, and Joe knew that…

The second we got there, Joe through us in the golf cart and away we went on a grand tour of the grounds. The man was so excited to show us everything they’d been working on. We sped through the trails stopping to say hi whenever we came across someone along the way. It was a fun time from the very start.

joe badass

I was impressed by the number of things we could do while visiting the property. The Oasis has dog training facilities, a lake, a pool and, outdoor party area. There are multiple living structures able to house large groups of guests. They also have a large barn for all of their motorized toys. I was lucky enough to bang some gears on an ATV and – whew- it was a blast!

The folks who run The Oasis make veterans of all generations feel at home when visiting. The food and living accommodations were wonderful. Joe and the crew know how to spoil a couple of Marines. The Oasis has everything – veteran hospitality, a charismatic host, an honorable and worthy mission, I highly recommend getting in touch with 1pet1vet to get a K-9 companion or to schedule a trip out the property.

PS I still think they should call it the BRO-asis!

mike and joe in front of oasis mill 2

Profile photo of Michael PenneyMike served 8 years in the Marine Corps infantry, deploying three times to combat; 2 tours to Ramadi Iraq and 1 to Kajaki/Sangin Afghanistan. After leaving the Corps in 2012, Mike set out as an entrepreneur. He's now the co-host of Cigars and Sea Stories, VP of business development with LifeFlip Media and director of programs at Bunker Labs RDU. Mike is a voice actor and regularly contributes to outside publications such as The War Horse and American Grit. When he's not toiling away in the office, Mike enjoys spending time shooting, hunting and, hanging out in nature. In the evening you'll find him out on the deck puffing a stogie and sharing sea stories with his fellow Marines.... and Doc.

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